Finally a heat recovery ventilation (hrv) unit at an affordable price for the DIY handy person, stop those weeping windows in winter as well as keeping your house fresher all year around and no more getting home to a stuffy house after a day at work.

This is a balanced system with a fan to bring fresh air into your house ( from outside ) and another to suck out the stale air ( from inside ) with a heat exchanger between the two is much more energy efficient than systems bringing air in from the ceiling space which are unable to heat a house, as per a University of Otago press release stating “Free heat from roof space insufficient to heat typical wooden house” and “often actually act to push the internal temperature in the house further away from the desired level rather than closer to it”. Read more here =>

A competent couple of people can install and have a complete ventilation system installed and running in less than a day, full instructions and fittings included.
Only other requirement is an electrician to install the wiring for the controller and a plug in your ceiling.

Package for a four bedroom house only $2349 including controller, duct, vents and delivery to major towns & cities when purchased direct. Credit card purchases can be made through Trademe with additional fees.

Contact us now for more details if you are interested in our locally designed and manufactured product.